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Marie-Jude Dimanche, Founder 

Hello and welcome candle connoisseur family. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Marie-Jude Dimanche. I was born and raised in Washington, DC, attended The Corcoran School of Fine Arts in Washington, DC and worked at the Smithsonian museum for five years, then moved to Miami Florida in 1998. I started working as a pharmacy technician in 1999 at Baptist South Miami Hospital and stay working there until 2016. After taking my leave from Baptist I took a few months off. I then was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer on my birthday, February 23, 2018.


In my spare time, aside from candle making I am a huge crafter. I enjoy making T-shirts, hand made cards, baking, and cooking, to practicing daily meditation and squeezing in yoga and pilates. I am a proud mother, wife, auntie, and daughter. Also I am a mom to five fur babies named Chip, Cookie, Coal, Cowzer, and Curly. 

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My Story

Alkebulan manifested shortly after I started chemotherapy treatment in October of 2020 followed by radiation therapy, September 2021. After my diagnosis with stage two breast cancer, which was a devastating blow for me and my family, I found myself searching for something positive to immerse all my good energy into. 


What started as a hobby quickly became a love of creation for candle making. I crafted a home fragrance and luxury candle line for all to share in a premium experience. Whether for relaxing after a hard day, gift giving, “self care Sundays” or to add a little ambiance, please enjoy and make these fine products part of your daily ritual. I would like to dedicate this luxury line to all the strong loving souls that helped me through this journey and who continue to shine an undying light of support and solidarity. 

I would love to give a warm shoutout to those who have been on this journey by my side:  


To my beautiful daughter Ashlee, you have been my confidant, and my solid rock throughout this cancer journey. I honestly can not ask for a better daughter, love you girl, you are my heartbeat! To my nephews and nieces Raphael, Micael, Immanuelle, Catherine, Britni, Briana, and Christian. It is a true blessing to be your aunt, and I am so honored to be part of each of your lives!

To my most beautiful queens, Big Sis, Martine, and Little Sis. Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on, the ears to listen, and the hugs that I need throughout the good and bad times. To my brothers, Cliff and Chad. I thank you for all the laughter and advice. To my Mom, thank you for being my mom, you are the greatest everything! To the most patient and understanding husband JP, I thank you for all your love and support and hanging in there with me at my most darkest time. To my dad Max, thank you for protecting and watching over the family, we love and miss you every day that passes, continue to rest easy.

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